Indonesia – Panama Youth Forum

2022-07-15T10:11:22+07:0014 July 2022|

Poster Indonesia - Panama Youth Forum Today we want to share with you about this event "Indonesia-Panama Student Forum" We present the Panamanian and Indonesian speakers who will be part of this ForumπŸ‘₯: πŸ—£ Devi Yuni Ekasari πŸ—£ Deanita Nurkhalisa πŸ—£ Female Larastina πŸ—£ Nabila Abdurrahm an Burhani πŸ—£ Sarasvati Devi Raja Guhyam Pavitram πŸ—£ Sulymaira Serrano πŸ—£ Raul Rodriguez πŸ—£ Erick Diaz Solis πŸ—£ Arash Bernal With following topics: 1. "The role of youth in the face of the environmental crisis" 2. "Ideas or solutions of the youth to solve this issue" 3. "Opinions on how to increase [...]